UP 269-1: Environmental Justice/Ecological Justice

General EJ

This class reviews the main analytic frameworks for understanding environmental justice : externalities, “new institutional”, and political ecology. Through an analysis of the nature of current environmental problems, the theories used to explain them and how different approaches address them in policy and practice this course moves the understanding of “environmental justice” well beyond the frame works of externalities that have dominated the understanding of environmental controversies in Planning and in many ways made it less irrelevant to current debates. An analytic reading course, students will be required to present case study materials. We We’ll organize parts of the course around student concerns. The course really asks you to think critically about questions of justice in terms of the modern debates about it, and structures and politics of implementing “environmental justice as well as the increasingly important issues of ecological justice. The first part of the course is more theoretical: the latter part moves more into cases studies.



Dr. Hecht
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