Climate Justice Project

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Our students learn about climate change in many of our classes and then they are hungry for what to do with that knowledge and how to connect it within their careers and communities. Climate touches and belongs in every subject we teach, from Humanities (English, art, history, journalism, drama), to business, economics, health sciences, and all areas of STEM.

This project seeks to build bridges between our disciplines to help faculty incorporate climate justice and civic engagement into their core curriculum, in ways that empower students and encourages student retention and success. Faculty who take part in a Climate Justice Institute, or Workshop, will design an assignment, lesson, or module, that weaves climate justice and civic engagement into one or more of their classes. This project at North Seattle College is thanks to funding from the National Science Foundation, and additional support from the Office of Instruction and the Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at North Seattle College.



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