CRC 149: Community Development Perspectives on Environmental Justice

General EJ

Environmental justice refers simultaneously to a vibrant and growing academic research field, a system of social movements aimed at addressing various environmental and social inequalities, and public policies crafted to ameliorate conditions of environmental and social injustice. Over the last 30 years, environmental justice movements have grown from combating environmental racism in the United States to an influential global phenomenon on environmental inequality organized across multiple spatial scales, issue foci, and populations. Environmental justice research has also undergone spectacular growth and diffusion in the last three decades. The field now draws on and enriches many different academic disciplines including geography, urban planning, public health, law, ethnic studies, and public policy. This course explores the histories, policies, and innovations associated environmental justice movements in the United States and around the world.

Course Objectives:

  • Introduce concepts and themes fundamental to understanding the topic of environmental justice;
  • Introduce a wide range of methodological frameworks and approaches in environmental justice studies
  • Promote critical thinking about dynamics of race, class, gender, and other factors in shaping environmental, social and political history and contemporary conflicts.
  • Develop writing and other important skills, such as discussion facilitation and public presentation.


Jonathan London
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