POLI 125A: Communities and the Environment


Course Overview:

As individuals, we live in our communities and in the environment around us. But how can our communities both use and conserve that environment? This course examines the idea that communities can play an integral role in conserving their local environments by looking at the challenges and opportunities in community-based conservation. We will build our understanding from the small and (relatively) simple up to the large and complex, by looking at environmental and resource conservation through the lens of individual incentives, community governance, state activity, and global alternatives. Through these topics, you will learn to identify and evaluate the political choices that have been and that can be made in environmental conservation and governance; and you will learn to identify and evaluate the political choices and tools available for remaking and restructuring environmental governance according to your own values and preferences, whatever they may be.

Student Responsibilities:

In order to achieve the course goals, you will need to read, watch, and digest the course texts, think through and complete the assignments, and participate fully in course activities and discussions. These are all necessary for the completion of the various assignments (paper, exams) which will give you the opportunity to apply the knowledge, understanding, and skills you will gain in the course. Any changes to the syllabus (including exams/due dates and required readings) will be posted to the TED page for this course, which you should check regularly { ted.ucsd.edu }.



Emily Matthews Luxon
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