Re-Valuing Nature: Environmental Justice Pedagogy, Environmental Justice Ecocriticism and the Textual Economies of Nature


At the September 2004 Giobalization and the Environmental Justice Movement Symposium, I had the opportunity to be a part of a roundtable called Environmental Justice as Critical Pedagogy, together with John Hausdoerffer, Janis Johnson, Jia-Yi Cheng Levine and Paul Vaughn.^ The objective of the roundtable was to explore the ways in which the literature of the environmental justice movement offers possibilities for teaching the intricate issues of environmental justice in undergraduate settings, as well as the complex and critical theories that academics use to examine these issues. During that discussion, I drew attention to the pedagogical and political importance of bringing perspective to our environmental justice courses about the ways texts produce and allocate value with regard to nature. In this article I expand on this argument while affirming the usefulness of texts and textual analyses as pedagogical tools in exposing students to the history of humans’ valuations of nature.




Puerto Rico

Jose Anazagasty-Rodriguez
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