POLI 110M: Green Political Thought

EJ Education

This class is intended to serve as a critical introduction to a series of themes loosely grouped as ‘Green Political Thought,’ or the politics of the environment. In it, we will survey a series of debates and attempt to connect them to the political theory behind ongoing social-ecological issues.

The goals of this course are as follows:

  • Understanding relationships between social, economic, and ecological systems and how they implicate political agency.
  • Understanding the history of environmental movements in the US and learning to recognize and analyze ecological politics in the developing world.
  • Seeing local issues as representative of deeper historical debates and the local as a site of possible engagement.
  • Learning to effectively communicate the political ramifications of ecological crises.
  • Seeing one’s fellow students as co-educators, learning to take valuable lessons from the diverse perspectives presented by both educators and classmates.


Kyle Haines
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