DUSP 515: Environmental Justice: Race, Poverty, and the Environment


Purpose of the Course:

The purpose of this course is to examine: (1) the impact of discrimination and institutional racism on land use planning, place based policies and practices, environmental decision making, and the right to equal protection from harm, (2) the race, class and equity implications of environmental problems and regulation; (3) the distributional dimensions of environmental degradation and environmental protection; and (4) the origins and impacts of struggles for environmental justice both domestically and internationally.

The method of instruction is lecture‚Äźdiscussion with an emphasis on developing critical thinking skills. Class participation and reading of assigned materials are integral to the learning process. To do well in this course students must attend class consistently; be prepared to contribute to in class discussion; keep up with all assigned reading; hand in course assignments on time; and ensure that oral presentations and written assignments are of high quality. Written assignments are designed to stimulate critical thinking and provide an opportunity to summarize different perspectives on the themes discussed in class and in the reading. Oral presentations are designed to provide students with an opportunity to share their knowledge and perceptions about the issues and themes discussed in class with others. All assignments are due at the beginning of class on scheduled due dates. Late assignments will be docked a full grade for each day late. Incompletes will be granted only under exceptional circumstances.



Raquel Pinderhughes
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